Our Telescopes

Astrosoc owns many amazing telescopes including the Celestron Nexter 127 SLT. Membership will allow you to help set up and use any of our telescopes on our Monday night observing sessions. We also have camera adapeters making it possible for you to take photographs with your own DSLR.

Further Reading

This is a list of resources you can use if you are interested in learning more about astronomy:

  • Time and Date - Time and date is a great website you can use to keep up to date with weather, meteor showers and much more.
  • Stellarium - Stellarium is a free software that is great for exploring the cosmos on your own computer.
  • Star in a Box - A nice simulation showing the evolution of stars.
  • 100 stars - This is a beautiful simulation showing our local stars.
  • Space Careers - You can use this website if you are interested in pursuing a job in Astronomy.